Thursday, April 16, 2020

Wolf in the Woods AI player now available

We are pleased to announce that Wolf in the Woods can now be played against an AI opponent. Give it a try by visiting and click the "Play the Bot" button.

The bot uses a very simple Information Set Monte Carlo Search algorithm to determine which move it should play. During each simulation it considers that its opponent has a different possible hand and uses the MCTS algorithm to balance exploring new moves over exploiting moves that have performed well in previous simulations. Once the simulations are done it selects the move that was simulated the most.

The current first-pass implementation is rather simplistic in that it only considers "winning" the states where it earns 6 points and the opponent earns fewer than 6 points. It doesn't take into account earning points from sevens or the opponent's score currently but we are considering improving this in the future. It's still a very decent player nonetheless since it has a perfect memory and lots of computational power so we are considering adding a beginner and intermediate bot level so the game is more accessible to those who are not as familiar with the game

Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions and enjoy!

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